Puppy Quiz: How Well Do You Know a Puppy

do i have too many pets quiz

We all love them. We adore them. We can just be with them without doing anything for hours together. When we first lay our eyes on puppies we all go ‘awwww’. They evoke a feeling of utmost love and care. 

They are as innocent, mischievous, naughty and attention-seeking as much as children can be. And yet we love to shower all of our attention and pamper them to the moon and back. 

Puppies when bought home, need a lot of care and attention and, most importantly, training. It is a new environment with new people for them, and that’s where we have to take the utmost care of them. So let’s do a fun puppy trivia quiz below and see how much you can guess right on the right care for puppies:


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