The Ultimate Owl Quiz – 10 Questions

An owl is a bird of myth and mystery. Some of them consider owl as a bad omen, and some consider it as a symbol of wisdom. These birds are nocturnal and feed on animals.

Their preys are mostly rodents and other small species. The owl can be easily recognised with its distinct features such as the flat or heart-shaped face, big round eyes, small hooked beak, large feet, sharp talons and rounded wings.

Owls are found everywhere except Antarctica. Their nocturnal behaviour and almost non-existent daytime activity have saved them for getting shot. They are known to survive better in places with human activity as compared to other wild birds. Therefore, the population is vast.

In case of mating and territorial defence, sounds play a significant role. It isn’t easy to get hold of owls because of their silent flight, non-existent daytime activity and camouflaging nature.

It is also known to be a spiritual bird. It has various myths and rumours associated with it, and there is no evidence to support any of them. These creatures may be normal like every other bird and animal, we just have given them these spiritual associations without any proof.

If you think you know about this mysterious bird then take this OWL QUIZ to test your knowledge.


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