Lord of the Rings Return of the King Quiz – 10 Questions

Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Quiz

After the curtain had risen over the battle at Helm’s Deep in the second movie of the trilogy series, this was bound to be the grand finale. One war was over, and another was to begin.

The opening scene was a revelation in itself, how Smeagol discovered the Ring and what it lead him to. Cut to Sam and Frodo trudging along their path on Mount Doom, slowly but surely realising that they might not make it back. While the rest of the Fellowship, having won the battle realise that they have another, a much bigger battle to fight with Sauran himself. A war wherein he is calling all his forces, to have his one last go at getting what he has been longing for thousands of years.

We see one part of the Fellowship make way to Minas Tirith and the other secretly working to make Rohan and some other players ride and join the battle. They all culminate to fight the biggest battle that Middle Earth had seen – with Man vs Everything else, giving it their all to protect their kind and to allow Frodo to make it to Mount Doom.

We also see the final stages of struggle that Frodo goes through and what eventually leads to the destruction of the Ring.

So, do you want to fight this one last battle of a quiz and see if you can change the course of your future :


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