Lord of the Rings Trilogy Quiz – Ultimate LOTR Quiz

Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Quiz

We can see reruns of this movie and still never get enough of it. There is every possible emotion in this movie – happy, sad, anger, pain, suffering, pure joy.

There is every possible genre in this movie – action, drama, mystery, period. Though primarily a fantasy adventure movie, there is a lot of human drama and emotions that took this movie to another level.

Each character was equally important and had a significant role to play in the trilogy. We all had our favourites with a tug of war between the 9 in the Fellowship.

We have even jumped up in joy when the uncut version of the movie was released – we got to see so many deleted scenes that added much more value to the films.

So yes, we have referred to the uncut version to create this trivia quiz for you’ll. Place your bets and may the best man win.


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