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Everyone has binge-watched this series. It even got Netflix to do a single followup episode on them. If Hollywood met Bollywood, then this could very well be the result of that storyline: crazy character write-ups, the song and dance sequence, detailed costume work, and unexpected twists and turns.

The start of the series tries to show one as the villain and the other as the saviour, but as you go through the episodes, you realise that first impressions cannot be the last ones. With every episode as they dig deeper into each character, especially Joe Exotic’s bizarre life story and motto, you only wonder as to what new surprise is going to come up next.

And then you had the angelic-looking Carole Baskin – the damsel that Joe Exotic spew hate on. Or was she one? You also had a few sidekicks in the form of his Jeff Lowe, Joshua Dial and James Garretson who kept you wondering if they are supporting him or dissing him. You never knew who is going to turn in what direction and when.

Eventually, you felt sorry for the animals – they were after all supposed to be the main protagonists of the battle drawn between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. But in reality, it felt as if animals were being used for the mere self-interest of humans. Caretakers too were caught in this mayhem – despite doing their job with sincerity, even if it came at a cost.

It is one of most unbelievably played out true crime story – that to this day has a lot of unanswered questions. But maybe you can play the quiz below and answer some that are known, what-say


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