The Ultimate Two Towers Quiz: Lord of the Rings Trivia

Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Quiz

For me and I guess many others, this was the movie that had one of the most epic battle stories ever. The Fellowship had broken, some had lost their lives, while others were resurrected and yet they all continued to fight and not give up.

This movie also introduced a few more characters that would, later on, form a pivotal part in the last film of the series.

Gollum finally gets caught by Frodo and Sam, and he leads them to the gates of Mordor. Dissuading them to go through it, he leads them through a secret path that will lead them to the same destination, albeit in a much safer manner. In the course of doing so, Gollum succeeds in fighting off his sinister side, or so we think.

On the other hand the trio of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli get a much pleasant surprise in the form of Gandalf the White and the safekeepings of Merry and Pippin. And then comes the king of Rohan.

He leads his army along with that of the Elves into what can be termed as one of the most amazingly shot and screenplay directed battle scenes.

We jumped with joy when Rohan won this battle in a magnificent twist at the end. Albeit left a bit worried on the future path that lay ahead of Frodo and Sam with Gollum having to play a much larger role than anticipated.

So we challenge you to hone up your skills on the trivia that belongs to the Two Towers and test your memories:


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