The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Quiz

Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring Quiz

One Ring To Rule Them All. One Ring to Bind Them.
That Ring. It looked so simple – nothing special – just a plain round gold band of a ring. But the power it exuded over everyone was unmatchable. The way it left you spellbound – wanting it, desiring it to the extent that you could harm someone over it. The Ring was described best by Gollum as ‘My Precious’.

The Fellowship of the Ring was the first of the trilogy in the Lord of the Rings series. It showed how all the different creatures that inhabited Middle Earth came together to destroy the Ring.

It introduced to us the main protagonists, Frodo along with his mates Sam, Merry and Pippin who were just another bunch of innocent hobbits looking for an adventure. And they were joined by the others who all together were eventually called ‘The Fellowship’.

It went on to show that how each one embarked on this journey and the individual challenge they faced, which questioned all that they had known while growing up and made them who they were – an elf, a wizard, a dwarf, an exiled ancestor of the king.

Though in the beginning, they were varied of trusting each other, slowly they all formed a bond which became unbreakable and made them realise that their quest was much bigger than themselves. And that each one of them no matter how big or small they were, had an essential selfless part to play in what was to come ahead of them.

So let us done Gandalf’s wizard hat, and face some lord of the rings trivia questions below shall we


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