You Will Never Get %100 on This How I Met Your Mother Quiz

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Waiting for the love of your life to come knocking on your door, getting married to them, having kids and the perfect life where you look over from your porch to see your kids playing around. These few wishes of Ted Mosby have stayed true for many of us. 

Some of us have already found our life partners in school or college like Marshall and Lily. The remaining few have decided to rock the boat of singlehood, just wearing those suits and dating whoever we like similar to Barney Stinson. The show ended long ago but it’s still alive in our hearts, making us laugh and cry with them.

How I Met Your Mother is just a simple story of how two people who are meant to be with each other finally do, after all the obstacles and near misses that life throws their way. It shows the importance of friendship and family that we all relate to at some point. 

Barney might not be the first guy you think of planning a life with, but no one could stop falling in love with him as he fell for Robin. Ted took so long to find Tracy, even though she was right there all along. Marshall and Lily were the idle couple. 

Through their ups and downs, they taught us how to love someone with all our heart. All along, knowing all the Bro-codes of Barney would be near impossible. But a true fan of the show should surely know the answers to this How I Met Your Mother trivia quiz.


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