The Greatest Twilight Quiz Ever!

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Ever since Bella Swan started her story in Forks, all of us have been hooked to it. She met Edward, the love of her life and everything changed. Her world suddenly included vampires and werewolves. 

It went from simple to crazy and unreal quick! Jacob was her childhood friend but it turned out he was also hiding his secret from her. The story also had the element of surprise and thrill. 

Did we expect Edward to vanish suddenly or for Jacob to finally find his soul mate among the vampires? After this story came out, we all hoped to find someone like the Cullens or Quileutes’ in our lives. Of course, this also made us split into two teams- Team Edward and Team Jacob. The song by Christina Perri beautifully set the right tone for the series, and it turned into our romantic anthem for a long time.

Twilight was a trendsetter for vampire and werewolf stories to emerge and become famous. We had books and later, movie adaptations of those books. Both of these have a huge fan following. Even after all these years, we still have fan fictions and spin-offs on various websites and apps based on them. 

Although it’s been 12 years, you can always read the book or watch the movie and hope for your soul mate to come knocking at your door. But do we know all there is to know about this story? Try out this fantastic Twilight quiz to find out.


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