The Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz

A Netflix original, Stranger Things is a very successful science fiction, drama-horror web television series that has managed to hook us to our seats until the end. It has a very captivating storyline, and together with the suspense and cliffhangers, it was difficult not to binge-watch it.

It was heart-breaking to know of Jim and Eleven’s past, and it made us happy to see they found a family in each other. None of us expected Dustin to get a girlfriend so soon or for Eleven to have a sister. We watched the kids grow into teenagers, with their new habits that made Will feel left out.

Even though we have already watched all three seasons, revisiting it seems like a great idea. It’s fun to watch the four boys uncovering the secrets of their town and for the adults to come face to face with its reality and join forces with the kids. We see the curiosity and courage that the kids possess to help their friend and everyone they know, which the adults find difficult to understand. Stranger Things is an amazing thriller that people of all ages can enjoy.

All of us are awaiting the release of its fourth season. Will Eleven reunites with the two people she was closest to or how will the Russians deal with the opening of the Gate? While you’re waiting for the next season, are you sure you know everything about the previous three seasons? Let’s try this quiz to find out.


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